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Wound Care Expertise

From wounds with healing cycles complicated by diabetes, aging, obesity, infection, metabolic or vascular factors – to ulcerations, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds and patients facing amputation – RestorixHealth wound centers combine traditional and advanced therapies that facilitate the healing process.

RestorixHealth’s treatment model is physician-driven and focused entirely on the patient. We believe that optimal patient outcomes result from a multidisciplinary approach to wound management.

RestorixHealth utilizes a delivery model that promotes physician evaluation of every patient admitted to the wound clinic with continued involvement through ongoing medical oversight and clinical decision-making. In this model, the wound care physician is accountable not only to the patient but also to the referring and consulting physicians involved in the patient’s care.

Quality medical care is further supported by ongoing on-site and online interactive activities around process improvement indicators and patient outcomes, medical quality reviews conducted by our corporate medical directors and the director of performance improvement.

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