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RestorixHealth provides value-added support services to ensure the wound program has everything it needs to succeed.


Customized EMRWoundDocs is an advanced, wound-specific EMR, supported by evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, that interfaces with the hospital’s EMR. It provides physicians with the information they need for informed medical decision-making. The system allows for collaborative case management as well as automated electronic clinical feedback to referring physicians.

Community Outreach

Direct-to-physician, direct-to-hospital (“four-wall”) and direct-to-consumer education and outreach increase awareness of the wound center within the hospital and community.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

From insurance pre-certification through the claim adjudication process, our specialists train and work directly with physicians to document correctly ensuring claims are managed, processed and paid according to terms.

Local Support Teams 

Unparalleled local support to meet the daily needs of the centers, including revenue cycle management, clinical, community outreach and operational needs.

Centralized Prior Authorizations

A nurse-led team dedicated solely to the prior authorizations process. The team works with each of our centers to ensure proper documentation and timely requests for prior approvals.

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