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Payers/Insurance Partners

RestorixHealth At-Home provides a continuum of care model that services all lives covered under a managed care plan that suffer from acute and chronic wounds.

RestorixHealth’s At-Home Program:
A Solution for Managed Care Plans 

RestorixHealth implements a standardized, evidence-based, best-practices approach to wound management. RestorixHealth understands managed care’s need to create access to care for all members, especially those that are homebound or have restricted mobility.

By delivering physician-level care directly in patients’ homes, managed care plans can expect to:

  • Achieve total care access for all members through a continuum of outpatient care options.
  • Reduce wound complications that can lead to amputations, ER visits and hospital admissions.
  • Improve and accelerate healing times, as patients are seen twice per week.
  • Increase membership satisfaction.
  • Achieve direct care savings by treating patients in a lower-cost setting in accordance with managed care’s population health strategy.
  • Decrease managed care’s overall cost of wound care with indirect savings on decreased hospitalizations, ER visits, home health, transportation and associated ancillary DME costs.
  • Enhance MRA capture and reporting supported by real-time documentation and a comprehensive electronic medical record system.
  • Ensure patient compliance with home-based visits and treatment protocols.
  • Ensure proper patient assignment to home-based wound care versus outpatient hospital or skilled care facilities.
  • Reduce delays in patient care and improve access to care as patients are scheduled within 24-48 hours.
  • Provide patient access to 24/7 on-call nursing team for wound-related support.
  • Increase communication and care coordination between wound care specialist and PCP for timely changes in care plans and treatments to optimize healing times.
  • Integrate advanced electronic health record for rapid coordination of services and customized reporting capabilities based on managed care’s corporate strategies for population health, value-based care and standardization.
  • Integrate a real-time telehealth communication model for a triple redundant system that standardizes all treatments to the highest standard of care.
  • Provide a total value-based care solution with risk sharing.

The RestorixHealth
At-Home Program

The RestorixHealth At-Home Program is a unique model combining direct patient care in the patient’s home by physicians and nurse practitioners with live telehealth support. Using a centralized call center, mobile electronic health record, wound care specialty support and evidence-based treatment protocols, the At-Home providers consistently deliver the highest-level, outcome-based wound care. This means faster initiation of care so patients aren’t waiting days, or sometimes weeks for appointments in physician offices or hospital outpatient departments, reduced instances of patients missing appointments as the care provider comes directly to the patient, more control over the care process and reduced patient self-referrals to hospital emergency care.

The At-Home Program care providers manage most wound types, including but not limited to, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, partial and full-thickness wounds, surgical dehiscence, skin tears, venous ulcers and arterial ulcers. Essentially, the At-Home Program brings the comprehensive wound center to the patient.