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Patient Education

Specializing in treating all types of wounds, especially those that are hard to heal.

Patient Education

Specializing in treating all types of wounds, especially those that are hard to heal.

What is a Wound Center?

A wound center is an outpatient treatment center staffed with highly skilled medical professionals who specialize in treating all types of wounds, especially those that are hard to heal. A wound center offers a variety of treatment options that are not available in a doctor’s office, including access to the most advanced wound care products, services and therapies available. Even the most difficult wounds that have not responded to other treatments may see significant improvement at a wound center.

RestorixHealth partners with hospitals and health systems nationwide to provide services at their wound centers. Our approach to wound care is aggressive and comprehensive, coordinating traditional and advanced therapies that aid and accelerate the healing process.

Wound Types and Treatments

When visiting a RestorixHealth wound center, the staff will complete a head-to-toe assessment, which includes a detailed history and a thorough physical exam. After evaluating your unique medical history and symptoms, your wound care provider will develop a personalized treatment plan.

Our wound centers treat all types of wounds, including:

Personalized treatment plan may include:

Our treatment plans are designed to complement the care from your own physician

This ensures that your healthcare team is always working together to provide the treatment that’s right for you. Most treatments are covered by Medicare/Medicaid, HMOs and other private insurance plans.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy

The medical professionals at our wound center are trained in the most current treatments in the field of wound care. One advanced therapy found at many RestorixHealth wound centers is hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. During HBO therapy, you breathe 100% pure oxygen while inside a clear, pressurized chamber. 

HBO therapy is a medical treatment prescribed by a doctor to enhance the body’s ability to heal. It is a safe and effective treatment that may be used as a part of your personalized treatment plan.

The air pressure inside the chamber is about two and a half times greater than the normal pressure in the atmosphere. This “hyperbaric” (or high pressure) dose of oxygen helps your blood carry more oxygen to the organs and connective tissues to promote wound healing and activates your white blood cells to fight infection.

HBO therapy is administered once daily for approximately four to six weeks and is most often used in conjunction with other treatments.

Many different conditions have been shown to benefit from HBO therapy

Especially chronic, non-healing wounds, including: