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Amputation Prevention Centers

If you have been told that an amputation is your only option, an Amputation Prevention Center® may be able to help save your limb.

An Amputation Prevention Center (APC) is a specialized program within a wound center that treats patients with limb-threatening conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers/infections and peripheral arterial disease.

Diabetic foot complications are among the most complex to treat and require a coordinated, organized approach from a team of specialists with advanced training.

The good news is up to 80% of amputations due to diabetic complications are preventable with an integrated approach to treatment.

The staggering effects of diabetes in America
  • More than 30 million people have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes-nearly 1 in 10 people – of seniors, it’s 1 in 4
  • 25% of diabetics will contract a foot ulcer in their lifetime – and half will encounter a limb-threatening infection
  • Without intervention, 20% of those with ulcers will require an amputation
  • The World Health Organization estimates that up to 80% of all amputations due to diabetic complications are preventable.

Time is of the essence when trying to save a limb from amputation

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Establishing an Amputation Prevention Center (APC) demonstrates a commitment to addressing one of the harshest outcomes brought on by the epidemic of diabetes facing our communities.

For more information about starting an Amputation Prevention Center at your hospital or healthcare facility, please visit our Partners web page.