Panel Physician Program

Panel-Physician-ProgramBecome a RestorixHealth Panel Physician

Treating chronic, non-healing wounds requires specialized care that is not usually practical in traditional medical offices. By becoming a RestorixHealth panel physician, you will be able to treat YOUR patients at a best-in-class, fully equipped center that is dedicated solely to comprehensive wound care.

Concentrating wound care services in one location allows for more efficient delivery of patient care. Patients are treated for the entire continuum of wound care, from initial assessment through healing. Additionally, treating your patients at a specialized wound center eliminates the need to maintain the supplies and equipment – and even staff – needed to treat complex wounds.

Being a part of the RestorixHealth healing network has many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Offer leading edge treatments, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Consult and collaborate with physicians and experts throughout our extensive network
  • Access advanced training – onsite and online
  • Enhance your wound care knowledge through evidence-based clinical pathways
  • Track wound care progress and outcomes through our wound-specific EMR system
  • Make your clinical life and office hours more efficient – our wound centers are open Monday through Friday, during regular business hours
  • Reduce staffing needs at your private office
  • Eliminate the need to stock expensive wound care dressings
  • Increase your earning potential with wound center clinic hours and downstream referrals

For more information about our physician panel program, please call us at 914.372.3150 or visit our Contact Us page.