Exceptional Patient Care

Exceptional Patient Care


No wound center can be successful without providing the best possible care that provides optimal healing outcomes.

Healing patients is the most important part of what we do and RestorixHealth is committed to creating patient-centered care environments with a focus on optimizing outcomes and returning patients to wellness.

As wound care healing experts, we treat our patients as a whole, caring for both their medical and emotional needs and we staff each center with a ‘care community’ of multi-disciplinary physicians acting collaboratively to ensure that patients’ needs are met.

Our delivery model promotes physician evaluation of every patient admitted to the wound clinic, and our wound care physicians continue their involvement throughout the entire healing process; remaining accountable not only to the patient, but also to the referring and consulting physicians involved in the patient’s care.

As the experts in wound care healing, we have a proven track record of healing wounds – even those that have not responded to other therapies can see significant improvement at our centers.


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