Amputation Prevention Centers®

About Amputation Prevention Centers of America®

Amputation Prevention CentersRestorixHealth, a leader in the development and management of high-quality, comprehensive wound healing and hyperbaric therapy centers, is now offering world-class amputation prevention program development and management.

RestorixHealth service offerings now include Amputation Prevention Center® facilities, part of the Amputation Prevention Centers of America® network.

The program utilizes an innovative team-based approach that pairs foot and ankle surgeons with vascular specialists – with significant results in reducing major amputations for the growing number of people in the country who suffer from the complications of diabetes and/or peripheral arterial disease.

Comprehensive wound healing centers that include hyperbaric oxygen therapy are now the standard of care to treat patients with chronic, non-healing wounds. With an organized, focused approach to treating chronic, non-healing wounds, outpatient wound centers have realized significantly better healing rates than traditional care in a physician office.

However, this often does not hold true for diabetic patients who present to wound care programs with complex medical problems and emergent conditions. These patients require a higher standard of care for healing these debilitating and often limb-and life-threatening diabetic-related wounds.

This is where RestorixHealth steps in. Placing an Amputation Prevention Center facility in a hospital-based setting can achieve excellent clinical outcomes of reduced healing times, decreased amputation rates and savings in overall treatment cost.