Company History

Company History

Excellence in wound care for more than 20 years.

RestorixHealth was founded by physicians who believed in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to healing patients with chronic wounds. Dr. John Capotorto, an endocrinologist, and his partners realized that the conventional approach to wound care was lacking, and often resulted in fragmented care. They found that many patients with non-healing wounds would be seen by multiple specialists in multiple facilities, where there was little accountability or care follow-through. This inefficient delivery method often resulted in a lack of treatment consistency, disparate care protocols, and, oftentimes, poor patient outcomes.

As a result, the founders were inspired to develop a comprehensive wound healing center that provides all the required services, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, needed to treat and support patients with chronic, non-healing wounds – in one accessible and convenient location.

This innovative concept has resulted in today’s RestorixHealth – the leader in the development and management of comprehensive wound healing and amputation prevention centers. Through RestorixHealth’s expertise in managing an integrated approach to wound care at a single site, patients receive unparalleled clinical care, physicians have access to advanced protocols and technologies and hospitals have a turnkey solution for an underserved population.

Headquartered in White Plains, New York, RestorixHealth manages comprehensive wound healing centers and Amputation Prevention Centers throughout the United States in partnership with hospitals and health care facilities.